Super Bis - Let's Play in English

Super Bis - Let's Play in English
Super Bis - Let's Play in English
8 990 Ft

The game can be played either at school or at home.
ISBN: 9788885148314
Formátum: Társasjáték
Szint: A2
Nyelv: angol
Korosztály: 14-18 évig


Nyelvtanulás  angoltanulás  nyelvtanítás angoltanítás


The cards are shuffled and dealt evenly amongst the players. Each player puts down the pairs of cards (question and corresponding answer) and holds the other cards not revealing to the other players. The Joker is discarded immediately. The youngest player starts by taking one of the cards from the hand of the player to his/her right. That player then takes a card from the player to his/her right, and so on. Each player places any pairs made on the table after reading the question and answer out loud. The winner is the first to have no more cards in hand and the loser is the one with the surprise card in hand. The teacher's booklet contains the instructions of the game.

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