The Beautiful Game - Obw Factfile Level (2) Audio Pack

The Beautiful Game - Obw Factfile Level (2) Audio Pack

Some call it football, some call it soccer, and to others it's the beautiful game. By any name, it's a sport with some fascinating stories. There is a game that lasts for two days where many players never see the ball. There's the French writer who
learnt lessons about life from playing football, and the women players who had to leave the club grounds because 'Women's football isn't nice'. The cups, the leagues, the World Cup finals, the stars, the rules - they're all a part of the world's
favourite sport, the 'Beautiful Game'.


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Kiadó Oxford University Press
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Méret (cm) 13.0x21.8x0.4
ISBN 9780194236386
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Nyelvi szint A2-B1
Kiadás éve 2008
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