Questions and Answers - Let's Play in English

Questions and Answers - Let's Play in English
8 640 Ft

The game can be played in class as a didactic tool for linguistic revision and consolidation and at home with friends as a board game.


The cards are shuffles and dealt evenly amongst the players.The youngest player starts by rolling the die and depending on the interrogative shown, formulates a questions to the player on his/her left who must guess his card. The player to the left, after having answered, then throws the die and asks a question to the player on his/her left.When a player, helped by the board has the clues necessary, tries to guess the card. If the guess is correct, then he/she wins the card and has another turn at asking a question. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins. The teacher's booklet contains suggestions and tips on further ways to use the material.

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