Going Mobile

Going Mobile
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Angoltanítás mobileszközökkel - módszertan és praktikus gyakorlatok a 21. századi oktatáshoz


Going Mobile explains, and then demonstrates with practical activities, how to use mobile devices in English Language Teaching in a principled and pedagogically sound way. It is a pioneering book, directed towards teachers – and therefore towards learners – in the age of the digital revolution, and it breaks new ground by offering much-needed support in our 21st-century classrooms.

  • How to take advantage of the hand-held devices now available
  • How to face the many challenges that stand in the way of success
  • How to incorporate the technology across our teaching institutions

Going Mobile contains three distinct parts which focus in turn on theory, practice and development:

  • Part A introduces us to teaching with mobile devices, and the apps we can take advantage of. It covers the important questions we often ask, the issues we frequently face and the challenges we invariably encounter.
  • Part B is full of classroom activities spread over five chapters – from a first analytical, yet entertaining, look at the use of mobile devices, to the staged and sensible exploitation of text, image, audio and, finally, video.
  • Part C takes us further, both in our classes – by way of longer activities and projects – and in our institutions – where we are encouraged to incorporate mobile teaching and mobile learning progressively and systematically.

Going Mobile is available as both paperback and Kindle e-book

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