Wee Sing Games, Games, Games with Audio CD

Wee Sing Games, Games, Games with Audio CD
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From “Musical Chairs” to “Hide and Seek,” there are 68 musical as well as non-musical games included in this amazing collection. Singing and circle games, team and tag games, follow the leader and playground games, rhythmic and quiet games-

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25 musical games, 38 additional group games in book: The Wee Sing Train/Jack, Be Nimble/Follow Me/The Thread Follows the Needle/Hansel and Gretel Dance/The Snail/Red Light Green Light/Mother, May I?/Colors/Rhyming Song/Simon Says/Hide-and-Seek/Kick the Can/Sardines/Hide the Thimble/Hot and Cold/Run, Sheep, Run/Duck, Duck, Goose/Upset the Fruit Basket/Ring on a String/Pass the Ball/Stir the Soup/Cobbler, Cobbler/Rabbit in the Hollow/Hot Potato/Button, Button/Mr. Crocodile/Trolls and Elves/Lemonade/Little Brown Bear/Pom Pom Pullaway/The Freeze Game/The Rhythm Game/Comin' Round the Mountain/Jim Along, Josie/What's the Time, Mr. Wolf?... Name that Tune

ISBN: 9780843120356
Szerző: Beall, Pamela Conn / Nipp, Susan Hagen
Oldalszám: 64
Kötés: Puhakötés
Formátum: Pack (Könyv + 1 Audio CD)
Nyelv: angol
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