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Mall Talk

Mall Talk
  • Mall Talk
  • Mall Talk
  • Mall Talk
  • Mall Talk
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Mall Talk is a speaking practice tool for any intermediate English language exam as well as a speaking game for higher-levels. It covers five topics (Shopping, Money, Banking, Clothes, and Fashion) and lists 36 typical questions of the first, interview part of the exam. There are 120 phrases displayed in the mall on the front side, and listed in alphabetical order on the back side, each with its definition and an example sentence.



    The game is for 2-4 players.

    Players pick a shopping list card at the beginning and the aim is to be the first to buy all the items on the card by using quality phrases from the mall while answering questions.

    The first player throws the dice twice and reads out the question with the two numbers (e.g. 2 and 5 is question 2.5).

    Then the player has 1 minute to answer the question with the use of as many relevant phrases (displayed in the mall) as possible. Meanwhile, the other players count the number of these phrases.

    When the 1 minute is over, the players agree on how many phrases were relevantly used, and the speaker gets a Word Dollar (W$) for each phrase.

    The speakers can buy items right after the 1-minute answer but cannot take the rest of the Word Dollars to the next round. (E.g. The player used 7 phrases in 1 minute, so he/she can buy an item for W$7. Or he/she can buy an item for W$3 and another for W$2 and this way lose W$2 because it’s not allowed to take the rest of the money to the next round.)

    The speaker finds the items to buy in the card packs and puts them next to his/her shopping list. (E.g. The speaker buys a handbag for W$7 and takes the picture card off the accessories pack.)

    The winner is the person who is first to buy all the items. If two or more players accomplish their shopping list in the same round, they get a new question and the winner is the person who uses more phrases. If there isn’t enough time to finish all the shopping, the winner is the person who has items of the highest value.

    Feel free to change and create new rules to adapt the game to the learners’ needs. Teachers and learners of English are very creative!

    Have fun!

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