Your Tense Map

Your Tense Map
3 390 Ft

Map and board game of English grammar tenses.



"I would like to recommend the 'Tense Map' as a useful additional to the teaching of tenses."
(Jon Hird, Oxford University)


A brilliant boardgame for families and friends to spent a scholastic time together. Excellent game for teaching student groups at school.

Tense Map is a multi-function teaching device providing long-term assistance in the language teaching process.

Tense Map is your efficient company at school, because it...

  • brings colour and joy to the classroom.
  • provides an opportunity to teach and practice the same structure in various ways.
  • as a boardgame, blends visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning.
  • helps students with learning difficulties understand grammar quicker through colour-codes.
  • is a colourful poster to decorate your classroom with.
  • contains plenty of language information in one place.
  • supports learner autonomy.


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