ESL Classroom Activities for Teens and Adults

ESL Classroom Activities for Teens and Adults

Now you can make teaching and learning English fun again. Stop spending so much time preparing lessons ! Enjoy what you do best, being in the classroom. Your free time is your own time, save your energy for the students.


 Now you can have a classroom full of attentive and excited students using ESL Classroom Activities for Teens and Adults.

You may contact the author for help anytime. Every query is personally answered by Shelley.

After years of teaching and ten years of writing, Shelley Ann Vernon has created a fun-filled book of classroom activities for ESL teachers. Pump some energy into your lessons and get your students talking, even the shy ones.

ESL Classroom Activities for Teens and Adults is a great resource for schools. Schedules are jam-packed but with this book teachers won’t need to plan their next lesson during lunch. It’s also great for new teachers who are nervous or overwhelmed.

Each classroom is unique and this book is full of variants to cater for your group sizes and abilities. Shelley has taught all levels of English. She also draws on the experience of teachers who have given feedback and contributed to the book. This updated edition is a rich and varied selection of activities to make your classroom dynamic and fun.

Learn how to:


  • Make learning fun
  • Make your students feel more confident speaking English
  • Help students learn and remember new vocabulary and grammar easily
  • Have more motivated students
  • And even become a more popular teacher

This book will guide you to avoid some teaching pitfalls and help you become the effective, fun teacher you want to be.

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Inside this book is access to a 70-page printable appendix of ready-made templates. Print and go! That said most of the games don't need any printing or preparation, but for those that do, templates are provided with this bonus to save you time.


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