The Passive Machine

The Passive Machine

Map and board game of the Passive Voice


The Passive Machine depicts the Passive Voice in 9 tenses and with 5 modal verbs. Use it as a colourful poster or an easy-fold guidebook in the classes when solving exercises.

You can find a table of the irregular verbs on the back of the map and a set of example sentences in each tense.

When playing a boardgame with the Passive Machine, use the downloadable and printable cards for more fun.

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Boardgame instructions:
You need:
1 die and 3-4 figures

Optional: Print the cover-cards, topic cards and word cards. OR use the QR code on the boardgame and watch the cards on your mobile.

The aim is to collect the most valves possible by forming correct sentences.

You can play the game with or without the topic and word cards. Playing without cards requires more creativity as players have to form their sentences on their own.

Players place the figures on the colourful dots below the mouth of the machine. Optional: players decide which topic they form their sentences about by throwing the dice. E.g., Topic 2: Holiday Planning. This will be the topic of their sentences.

Optional: Players cover the grammar structures displayed on the screens. For an easier version: don't cover the displays.

The first player throws the die and steps to a direction of free choice. They can step only on the colourful dots on the tubes. They can't jump from one tube to the other. When players have finished a pipe, they jump back to the mouth of the machine. E.g.: If the player stays three dots before the Present Simple display and throws 5, then they step 1-2-3, and the 4th step is the mouth of the machine and the 5th step is the matter of their choice.

When players step on a dot, they have to say a sentence in the tense that is displayed closest to the dot. When the players are at the mouth of the machine, they can choose from any tenses, while when they are on the Past main pipe, they put their sentences in any past tense, etc.

When playing with the topic cards, the sentence formed must be within the topic given. E.g. Holiday planning, Past Continuous – My money was being exchanged, when I realized that I already had some dollars at home. The phrases on the topic cards are of help, players can use their own phrases within the topic.

OR: example sentences are formed with the help of the word cards. There are nouns and verbs to choose from.

When a player forms a sentence, the other players check if the structure is correct by removing the cover card.

Players get a "valve" for each sentence. The winner is the player with the most "valves".

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